Praxis Merz

New identity with a character: Branding & Web for Merz

UX Design
Business cards, badges and website from Merz Dental Practice

The Challenge

From ordinary dental office to partner for complex oral surgery

For many, visits to the dentist are associated with negative feelings. In order to build as much trust as possible and reach more patients, Merz clinic was in need of a rebranding and a new website. The Merz clinic is one of the few places to go in Basel when it comes to performing complex surgical procedures. Thus, their target audience is not limited to private individuals, but also includes other dentists looking for partners for patient referrals.

Logo of the Merz Dental Practice


Word mark: Merz

One of the key elements to stand out from the crowd is a meaningful logo. The clinic has a long history and has been able to build a reputation through its countless surgical procedures. A simple wordmark will increase the practice's long-term recognition and sums up the brand right to the point - because the name Merz, speaks for itself.

Practice Merz business cards laid out


Stylescapes are a compiled combination of images, patterns, typography and colors that convey a certain look and feel of a brand. In Praxis Merz's project, we created several of these visual scapes to clarify the contrasts between our ideas and those of the client. In this way, we determined the direction for the upcoming design work from branding to web.

Stylescapes for the Merz Dental Practice
Different color palettes laid out

New color scheme

The brand's colors play a central role in standing out from the crowd. The pre-defined brand attributes and stylescapes provided a visual direction on which we could build and then experiment with different color palettes. The choice fell on a palette that would allow the practice to convey its competence and trustworthiness, while maintaining a dynamic and fresh look.

Photos of the practice and team members

Photography for a consistent visual language

To present the practice and its team in the best light, photos were taken on site in Basel. The images were reused throughout the website as well as on the social media channels. Thus, the practice can present its modern infrastructure and its welcoming team to the public.

Visualization of the content management system of the Merz Practice

Dynamic website through flexible components

In the design and implementation of the website, we used a component-based approach. This allows the practice to make changes to the website independently, without having to spend further design and programming work.

Optimized for marketing

To provide a good foundation for later performance marketing, the website consists of two landing pages with different target groups: One for individuals who want to know more about the offer, location and appointments and one for referral practices who want to learn about the infrastructure and the referral process. This allows the two customer groups to be managed and measured separately.

Mockups of the Practice Merz website


Off to a successful, fourth quarter

There are many dental practices in the area. Few, however, can offer their patients such a coherent experience with a brand that reflects internal values as the Merz practice. With the cost-effective micro branding and website rebuild on existing system, they can now proudly display their expertise and trustworthiness to the public.

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