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Hrtechventures website and floating icons

The Challenge

A Zurich startup with big ambitions

Hrtechventures is a startup with multiple lines of business: On the one hand, it is designing an app on the blockchain. Aspirio, which makes it easier for large companies and individuals to find suitable employment. On the other hand, Hrtechventures offers full-service HR consulting for both of these parties. In the context of our project, it was therefore important to develop a brand with recognition value, which at the same time combines the values of a competence center for human resources, as well as those of a tech startup.

The Logo of Hrtechventures


The logo

Hrtechventures was to become a brand that effectively summarizes its core attributes and offers the target audience the feeling of innovation, technology and security. The logo is a combination of the Infitnity symbol, which represents the symbiosis between business clients and their employees, a keyhole, which represents the security and privacy of blockchain technology, and a game piece, which visualizes the human aspect of the HR consultancy.

Conceptional sketches of the Hrtechventures logo

Sketches and symbols

After successful brand positioning and definition of the core attributes, the task was to visualize various logo concepts. The symbol had to be unique so that it could be used in isolation, i.e. without the company name. With the help of rough sketches, various approaches could be discussed with Hrtechventures to finally determine the optimal solution.

Hrtechventures business cards laid out
Floating custom Hrtechventures icons

Custom icons for more clarity

As part of the branding, we created a custom icon library. This is especially important in regards to Aspirio, Hrtechventures' in-house blockchain app, as it provides users with the necessary context. Many of the icons are also used on the website in the tagging system for blogs and workshops.

Portion of the design system of Hrtechventures

Design System

In addition to a brand guideline document, which includes the essential components of the brand as well as communication and design rules, one of the deliverables was a design system. A design system is a library of dynamic digital components that can be applied by Aspirio's developers to ensure a consistent look and feel.

Mockups of the Hrtechventures website
Graphic representation of the two target groups of Hrtechventures

B2C or B2B?
Channeled target groups

The entire digital Hrtechventures environment, from workshops to info for investors, can be found on one website. This means that it was necessary to distinguish the different target groups beforehand and to guide them according to their interests on the website. The site structure is designed in such a way that each customer group can reach their destination with just a few clicks.

Visualization of the content management system of Hrtechventures

Full modularity, - full control

Hrtechventures has full control over image and text content on the website. Especially with the blog, the effectiveness of the integration of the Kirby CMS comes to bear. With a customized, uniform template, content can be entered quickly and easily by the users themselves. A built-in filtering system helps users browse the categories that really interest them.


Off to find investors

The branding and the website serve Hrtechventures as a springboard for Aspirio's investor search. At the same time, personal HR workshops can be booked by private customers on the website - thus both business lines are covered. We wish Hrtechventures good luck in finding backers for their tool!

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