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Less Administration, More Health: UX Design for the grape Platform

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grape insurance Logo and Platform Design

The Challenge

Designing a Healthier Future

Grape, the emerging Swiss start-up in the insurance sector, provides companies with an efficient online platform for managing employee insurance cases and monitoring their health. The platform's user-friendliness was significantly enhanced through collaboration with Complerity and their UX design expertise.

Two different user personas created for grape insurance.


User Research

Before the redesign, personas and user journey maps were created. This allows for a better understanding of each customer group's needs, challenges, and goals – a crucial step in the process, particularly for making data-oriented design decisions in the interest of users.

Re-design of the grape Platform

Design System

To establish a solid foundation for future-proof software, we developed a completely new design system. This includes styles for typography, colors, layout, and over 40 ready-to-use and combinable components for building modular user interfaces. Thoroughly documented and continuously optimized, it serves as the single source of truth for seamless collaboration with the development team.

Re-design of the grape Platform

Redesign of the Platform

In the next step, the user experience of the grape platform was revamped feature by feature. The focus was on the most frequently used and business-relevant parts of the product. Close collaboration with the management team and a view of the roadmap played a central role in prioritizing the subprojects.

Claiming Interface

An example of one of the subprojects is the redesign of claim submissions. Traditionally, the claiming process for sick leave cases was mostly handled via email, which was highly time-consuming and led to the exchange of incomplete, scattered data. HR managers often lacked guidance and the necessary structure to keep track of ongoing cases. The new Claiming Interface consolidates all aspects of the multifaceted claiming process. From claim submission to correspondence during the case, and even the issuance of payment receipts – everything can be managed in one central place.

grape claiming interface user flow
grape claiming interface design

Analytics Interface

As grape is not only an insurer but also a health partner for its customers, statistics about employees' health play a significant role. With conventional absence management tools, it is challenging to keep track of employees' absences, let alone derive meaningful insights from them. The new Analytics Interface of the grape platform presents health-related data in a meaningful way and compares them with companies of similar size or industry. Recognizing that 'the earlier, the better' applies to detecting illnesses, patterns in absences are identified, and corresponding countermeasures are suggested.

grape analytics interface user flow
grape analytics interface design


A fruitful collaboration

During the grape platform redesign, five features were optimized from the ground up. Further features are continually being developed, allowing the platform to organically grow alongside the start-up and become an increasingly significant player in the insurance industry.

Grape web mockups

« Since we collaborated with Complerity, grape's platform has transformed into a more sophisticated product. Complerity tackled our User Experience with a strategic approach and designed our platform to align with our business goals, regularly testing and iterating on changes and new features. »

Gregory Inauen

Gregory Inauen

Founder & Co-CEO
grape insurance AG

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